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  • Andrea Fielding

AI-lluminate: Beyond the hype, part 1 – Adaptation and adoption

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

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Papirfly has worked with AI for some time and has successfully implemented it in the production of illustrations for one of its customers. The company used the customer’s brand guidelines to train the AI to create new illustrations that are inline with the brand’s look and feel. This allows the customer to quickly generate new illustrations at a low cost and with a faster turnaround time compared to the traditional workflow of requesting and waiting for an illustrator. The AI-generated illustrations are still subject to manual approval.

The above intro text was written by ChatGPT. Our Product team took this text and asked ChatGPT’s AI for an executive summary on how to use AI to write marketing content as an experiment. We’ve all spent the last couple of weeks getting mind blown by the text and copy that a chat AI can write. But what now? The sharing hype is over, can this be used for anything useful?

AI: Looking deeper

At Papirfly we’ve been looking into AI use cases and the theory behind it for some time and similarly to others, we’ve been fascinated and impressed. AI has been, theoretically at least, hailed as the solution to many problems currently being dissected and analysed within “big tech”. It may seem obvious, but trying to implement the technology to fix those problems comes with its own challenges. It’s theorised that “AI can solve anything,” but we have some questions!

  • Where are the use cases that are suitable for it?

  • Why should AI solve those things?

  • Does the problem really need AI to solve it, or are we throwing technology at something because it’s “new and cool”?

Addressing the technology adoption curve

At Papirfly, we believe we’ve found a killer use case for AI (you could say we’re the “Innovators” on the technology adoption curve), but we need to help the technology find its rightful place where it can stand on its own in the product ecosystem, and support other companies in how to use the technology properly and responsibly.

What’s next on AI from Papirfly?

This short blog is Papirfly’s introduction to our longer series on AI, “AI: beyond the hype” where we’ll dig into more wide ranging topics on AI and how it might affect our customers and their customers. We want to ensure that we’re researching, analysing, and using AI in a responsible and sustainable way, and have some exciting use cases and thought leadership coming in the new year. Stay tuned!

Contributions by Natalie Wilding, Martin Pospisil, and Yngve Myklebust

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