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  • Andrea Fielding

The power of employer branding in delivering transformative brand growth

Brett Minchington, Founder, World Employer Branding Day interviewed Emma Tolhurst, Executive Director Brand-led Employee Experience, Landor & Fitch in advance of her keynote presentation at World Employer Branding Day 12-14 October in Lisbon with colleague, Kate DiChristopher-Yuen, Executive Director, Culture & Employee Experience, Americas, Landor & Fitch

The discussion focused on the following:

  • The industry shift towards a more holistic service approach to employer branding— moving away from the more traditional focus areas of campaign design and delivery.

  • Why organisations are increasingly seeking to look at their brand strategy holistically to include a focus on products/services as well as the attraction and retention of talent.

  • How businesses can bring their strategy to life in a hybrid workspace.

  • How organisations can align leadership on the importance of the employer brand.

  • How the employee experience should evolve over time to amplify the brand.

Edited video highlights of the engaging discussion can be viewed in the videos below:

Brand led experience

How the employee experience should evolve over time to amplify the brand

A purpose led approach to employer branding

Watch the FULL interview below


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