DAY 2022

Lisbon, October 2022

The Business of Employer Branding


Connecting people for success


PRIORITY #1 IN 2022 

We're excited to once again unite the employer branding global community IN-PERSON in 2022 to share knowledge, ideas and opinions to advance the 'Business of Employer Branding.'


Even before the pandemic, we had observed at previous

World Employer Branding Days that strategic employer branding practice was on the rise.

The past 20 months has further thrust the importance of employer branding into the spotlight as companies have had to reassess the employee experience while facing multiple political, economic, social and technological threats that have redefined the employment deal.

Around the world, talent shortages are causing change, not only in a company's day to day operations, but to the business model they have relied upon for decades to drive success.

Today talent are actively seeking companies that can deliver on what they promise. Fair pay, development, a friendly working environment, flexibility, respect and meaningful work are no longer nice to haves, they are critical if your company wants to compete for the top talent.

In a hybrid world, the competition to attract, engage and retain talent is magnified and overcoming these challenges requires a new way of working and a growth mindset with people at the centre.

With a strong focus on networking with industry leaders, you will be inspired by actionable case studies of how the world's leading employers are connecting and engaging people for success.