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Begin your World Employer Branding Day 2020 experience by participating in an inspiring day of 8 interactive and 'hands on' workshops presented by International Employer Branding Experts & Practitioners.


In peer groups you will share, learn and discuss the key trending topics driving innovation and growth in employer branding and resolve some of your biggest challenges.


Torgil Jenning, Founder & CEO at Potentialpark


Workshop 1


Humanise your employer brand through employee-created video

Emily Forbes, Founder at Seenit

A company's culture is increasingly becoming a deciding factor in choosing jobs today. This workshop will show you how to bring your brand’s culture and purpose to life through employee-generated video. Your employees have the best insights into the organization's specific roles, functions and beyond. Audiences trust their thoughts and opinions more than scripted corporate videos or other generic forms of marketing.


Key takeaways

  • What makes an impactful story

  • How to leverage your greatest asset - your people - in your storytelling

  • How to build and invest in creative confidence within your business

About your workshop facilitator

Emily founded Seenit five years ago with a mission to create a more open, human and inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling. With the belief that everyone has a story worth telling, and an opinion worth contributing, she has built a platform to enable any organization to create video with their own employees, customers and fans, bringing the voices of those most knowledgeable and passionate about a subject or situation to the forefront of their storytelling.

Workshop 2


marnick (1).png
Stand Up to Stand Out: How to inspire your organization into taking action on employer branding

Marnick Vandebroek, A stand up guy, Stand Up company

Natalie Vandergraesen, A stand up lady, Stand Up company

This high energy workshop will show you how to drive your employer branding vision and strategy through your organization for maximum impact. You will workshop ways to present the business case and importance of employer branding at board and executive level. Discover how to secure the right budget and inspire the entire organization to embrace employer branding, even if people are skeptical! Participants will discuss, search and challenge each other to define their goals, target audience (e.g. the board, CEO, executive, etc) and what will trigger them into taking action = you will build the foundation of your story.


About your workshop facilitators


​Marnick Vandebroek

Marnick is a highly sought after keynote speaker and trainer on storytelling, presentation and personal branding linked to driving innovation, digital transformation and change within organizations. Marnick works with leaders from multinational brands to promising start-ups and scale-ups that want to inspire themselves and others to transform their ideas into action. He founded Stand Up Company together with his wife and business partner, Natalie Vandergraesen. Marnick has a background in digital marketing, HR, stand-up comedy and is a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner.

Natalie Vandergraesen
An international traveler who has experienced every aspect of the fashion industry, its way of working and culture, Natalie was a senior buyer for 8 years before co-founding Stand Up Company with Marnick. In a world where hardcore trading and sales meet creativity, style, imagination and dreams, the retail industry taught Natalie how to lead teams from different backgrounds, cultures and the importance of knowing who you are as a company. She strongly believes if you want people to wear your brand, they need to be able to identify themselves with it and experience it in every aspect. Together with Marnick, Natalie partners with clients to bring their identity, experience, creativity and results together by activating their stories and inspiring their teams to communicate more effectively.


Workshop 3


Building a world class employer brand with a local touch

Sharon Israel, co-CEO and Founder, Xtra Mile


Relevancy is critical in developing an employer brand that resonates with your target audience. Gone are the days where you can use a ‘one size fits all model,’ it is the quickest way to disengage your target audience.

Drawing upon 25 years’ experience including pioneering employer branding in Israel and working across International markets, Sharon Israel, the owner of Israel’s leading employer branding agency, Xtra Mile, will help you to understand the complexity of managing an employer brand whilst ensuring relevancy with the target audience in the region(s) your company is located. You will learn how to assess cultural and talent differences when developing your Employer Brand strategy to provide a personalized approach. During the workshop you will also discover best practices from leading global brands and discover how they are managing the nuances of local markets using technology and tools such as professional communities, social media and influencers.

Key takeaways


  • Managing your employer brand and EVP relevancy in local markets

  • Leveraging the strengths of communities to amplify your communications

  • Practical insights in managing an influencers network to reach passive candidates audience anywhere in the world.

  • Optimize your social media presence and reach through smarter targetting

About your workshop facilitator

A marketing, digital marketing and sales professional with more than 25 years’ experience, Sharon Israeland her team specialize in the hi-tech, medical and technology markets in the US and Europe. In 2015, Sharon established an employer branding center at Xtra Mile in Israel due to the growing need for employer branding strategy and methodologies in the Israeli Start-up community. Along with her inspiring team at Xtra Mile, Sharon leads significant employer branding projects for National and International brands across different industries including managing their global digital and social media implementations, ROI and business impact.

Workshop 4


Co creating Employer Branding Solutions for Terre des Hommes

Inge Beckers, Consultant HR Communications & Brand Manager (Freelance)
Laura Baselaar, Co-founder / strategic consultant Employer Branding & Recruitment, Recruitment Builders

There are few opportunities in a workshop where 150+ leaders in employer branding from around the world come together in the one place at the same time. Employer brand strategists, Inge Beckers and Laura Baselaar will use this collective employer branding brain power to provide employer branding solutions for a good cause. In this fast paced session with your peers, you will discuss and provide answers for Terre des Hommes, an International charity fighting against child exploitation, and their most challenging issues including:

  • Building employer brand ambassadorship to support advocacy

  • Personalizing a distinctive employment experience from pre-hire to retire

  • Activating the employer brand and EVP across multiple markets whilst ensuring strong consistency and governance.

Your ideas and insights will be shared with the organization to take forward and connect into their employer brand strategy with a vision to build a world class employer brand. Along with best practice examples of how to achieve employer branding goals and KPI's, you will also receive a copy of the workshop outcomes which can be adapted for your own strategy.

Key takeaways

  • Developing a media strategy and optimal communication mix (per target group)

  • How to design an employer brand activation plan (internal, campaign style and external, guerilla, etc)

  • Briefing for (content) production and content calendar

  • Personalizing the Candidate experience and dashboard


About your workshop facilitators


Inge Beckers

Driven by a passion to help organizations communicate in a fair, straight and above all, humane way, Inge's approach has influenced changed in leadership thinking in targeted (small and large) interventions. She creates positive impact in relationships with employees and customers. Alongside her consulting engagements, Inge provides inspirational workshops and trainings on branding and engagement. She is a University and College lecturer and coaches leaders and groups. In 2015 Inge authored 'HR & Social Media' and she is founder and chairman of www.hr-communicatie.nl.

Laura Baselaar
As a Recruitment and Employer Branding specialist with experience as a lead manager, consultant and trainer, Laura partners with organizations to attract the right talent. Known as a (creative) builder, a persistent and pioneering innovator, Laura has led Employer Branding and Recruitment 'turnarounds in various organizations in the Netherlands. Laura specializes in employer branding strategy, EVP development and training recruitment departments. Engaging leaders to work together and inspire each other to achieve win-win outcomes, Laura also shares practical examples from her own experiences to link strategy to pragmatic implementation.


Workshop 5


A match (not always) made in heaven: Marriage counseling for the Company/Agency relationship

Kristen Herde & Andreas Herde, Co-Founders & CEO's of YeaHR!

Just as in any good marriage, when leaders and agencies come together and embark on the journey of developing an employer brand, a lot can go wrong. Misunderstandings and friction in the relationship can slow down projects, add extra costs, lead to suboptimal work, damage relationships and reputation, and even completely derail well-intended employer branding projects.

We’ve all been there…. leadership teams are often frustrated that their agency does not appreciate the need for delicate navigation of internal politics and the management of internal stakeholders. On the other hand, agencies often wish that their clients would streamline their lengthy internal approval processes, provide concrete as opposed to vague feedback, and grasp the fact that design is not just a matter of taste.

Your facilitators, both a married couple and a marriage of HR and agency backgrounds, will share the benefit of their experience having worked on both sides of the table. Hop on our couch for an interactive and frank conversation about the causes of leadership and agency woes and learn how to successfully navigate the storms, have honest conversations when they need to be had, get the best out of each other, and ultimately help each other succeed.

Key takeaways


  • Understand how leadership teams and agencies really tick – what they value, what motivates them, what they wish the other side did more and less of, and their absolute pet peeves.

  • Uncover typical causes of frustration in company/agency partnerships and practical tips for how to mitigate these.

  • Take home ideas for creating more fruitful company/agency partnerships.

About your workshop facilitators
Kristen & Andreas Herde are both founders and CEOs of YeaHR!, a global employer branding agency headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Kristen Herde leads YeaHR!’s employer brand research methodology; helps clients engage their employees around the employer brand; and audits and improves employer brand touchpoints from recruitment and candidate experience to talent management and development. She was previously HR Director for E.ON’s global renewable energy business and VP Diversity Management for the E.ON Group. Kristen has also held various leadership roles in HR strategy, employee engagement, resourcing, and learning and development in the UK and Germany. She is a certified Executive Coach from Columbia University (NY) and a certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and Materials.

Andreas Herde leads the creative minds at YeaHR! He ensures client’s employer brands activate in the best possible way on websites, social media, film, events, print and that media and campaign strategies deliver the ROI clients expect. He has previously held roles such as Managing Director and Creative Director in Germany’s leading digital advertising agency, Managing of Germany’s leading elearning agency and Head of Digital Customer Experience at Vodafone Germany. With more than 40 international Online Awards for clients such as Porsche, Telekom, and Hugo Boss, Andreas brings extensive expertise and insights to the industry.

Workshop 6


5 key lessons from 25 years of experience that will make all the difference to your employer branding

Jari Kloppenburg, Employer Brand Strategy Director, Steam

When you’ve been around in employer branding for 25 years, it’s interesting to reflect on what you’ve learned over the years. During this engaging and creative workshop you will save time, energy and investment from the best of these learnings Jari will share with you.

Whilst we are all together from different parts of the world, it will also be a great opportunity to learn how to fast track the path to employer branding success and to avoid the paths more likely to delay you. The past 25 years have been incredible with a complete transformation of the International Employer Branding field from 100% offline activities to today’s modern landscape where we need to reach and appeal to our target audience where they spend allot of their time, online! 

So, big changes. But also; no changes. At least not when it comes to the basics of employer branding success. That’s because employer branding is about PEOPLE. It has been, and always will be. It’s about emotions, because that’s what people are about. And people are still moved by words, stories, films and touch. And it’s from within, because we know that no employer brand is a creation. An employer brand is there; it’s the soul of the organisation. And yes, we’ve learned that the media we use has changed dramatically. But we’ve also found out that investing in people pays off more over the long term.

Join us as we take you on a journey as we fast track the past 25 years to share with you the ‘5 key lessons that will make all the difference to your employer branding.’

Key takeaways

  • The Business: With a strong employer brand you create committed people who are more motivated, innovative and energetic. And that's good for your business.

  • Coffee KPI: You can only really choose a job if you can taste it first.

  • Bull@$%# Bingo: Employer branding includes part advertising. But that doesn't mean it's a sales trick.

  • B-Day D-Day: Everything starts with your own people. Communicate from the inside, awaken proud and make sure your employees have a good story at a birthday party.

  • Actions rather than words: Treat your Employer Brand as a real brand. A brand appeals to our deepest desires. So think beyond push and pull factors.


About your workshop facilitator
Jari is the Employer brand strategy director at Steam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and one of our key talents at Steam who plays an important role in establishing brands, strategies and employee propositions. Passionate about employer brands, and a firm believer in making the most of what’s in the company already, Jari has also studied social psychology at Utrecht university.


Workshop 7


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Workshop 8


A smarter approach to digital

Mike Perry, Global Head of Digital at ThirtyThree

People’s expectations of brands and how they communicate have changed with the media landscape — it’s now online, connected, and unavoidable. But effectively converting online visitors to applicants requires a strategic and thoughtful approach that considers more than just your careers site.

In this workshop, led by Mike Perry, Global Head of Digital at ThirtyThree, we’ll explore ways to leverage your employer brand in every type of communication you produce, tailored to the channel and audience you’re trying to reach for maximum impact. This includes everything from your careers site to your social media channels, and the overarching content strategy that sits behind it.

Key takeaways

  • Understand how various digital channels work together to shape the candidate experience

  • Learn how to apply audience insights throughout the entire digital ecosystem to increase effectiveness

  • Recognize tactical ways to use content to create more personalised experiences for your target audiences.


About your workshop facilitator

Mike Perry brings a background of user experience, digital marketing, and digital strategy to employer branding. With 20 years of experience across instructional design, digital marketing, and talent attraction, he and his team take a user-centred approach to candidate engagement. This entails finding the right technology solutions to achieve client goals and developing effective digital strategies that meet both user and client needs to drive real results. 

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