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  • Andrea Fielding

Country Branding v Company Branding

Whilst most companies are facing challenges of sourcing sufficient talent locally to grow and innovate their business, the forward thinking companies are sourcing well beyond their own borders.

In the coming years, the competition for talent will not be between companies, it will be between countries!

Whilst some countries are opening borders to facilitate the fluid movement of talent, the current populous political view is forcing many countries to rethink their talent migration policies and strategies.

We are pleased to announce keynote speakers from New Zealand, Damian Sainsbury, Managing Director at LookSee and Paul Greenaway, CEO at HainesAttract who will be flying in all the way from New Zealand to present insights on LookSee New Zealand – A World's First Global Attraction Programme that is delivering unprecedented results.

Meet Damian Sainsbury Managing Director at LookSee and Paul Greenaway, CEO at HainesAttract at World Employer Branding Day 25-27 April 2018 | Prague. With a unique lifestyle on offer, and a high profile reputation as a great place to live and work, New Zealand is still critically short of highly skilled workers. The LookSee programme takes employer branding to a global level, showcasing the employer brand of multiple employers, presenting hundreds of opportunities to the world, and creating a truly unique and valued candidate experience.​

To date LookSee has achieved:​

  • Over 50 partner employers

  • 1.6 million website hits directly from the initial campaign

  • A tech talent community of 48,000 candidates

  • Pipelining of construction professionals from over 100 countries

The LookSee model is truly a case study of innovation in Talent Mobility and Digital Differentiation.​

Now with two major global campaigns behind them across the technology and construction sectors, you will learn and be engaged from the principles of the HainesAttract business as they share the highs and lows of the LookSee journey from concept to delivery.

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