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12 OCTOBER 20222020

Pre-event Workshops

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13 OCTOBER 2022

World Employer Branding Day
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'Building a global employer brand with local relevance and consistency'

Sophie Haynes (UK), Global Employer Brand Manager at Unilever

Unilever is a Global business leaders with more than 400 powerhouse brands that can be found in seven out of ten households around the world and 12 brands that each generate annual sales of over €1 billion. With a presence in 190 markets and more than 140,000 employees, Unilever is also the place where you can bring your purpose to life through the work that you do, creating a better business and a better world. 

In this keynote presentation, Sophie will discuss and share key learnings from the numerous challenges she has faced in driving brand consistency for Unilever’s employer brand at a global level while ensuring local relevance in the markets they need to deliver in.

Key takeaways

  • How to ensure consistency in activating an employer brand and EVP across multiple markets and how to overcome the key challenges you will face.

  • How to manage the delicate balance between low-touch and hi-touch initiatives using technology and human touch as key drivers.

  • Building a global network of brand advocates through locally people focused initiatives 

  • Developing strong governance for your employer brand assets to ensure consistency in all the markets you operate.

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'Leading humanized Growth'

Felipe Thomaz (UK), Associate Professor of Marketing at University of Oxford, Saïd Business School
Frank van den Driest (Netherlands), co-Founder at Institute for Real Growth

Companies today are seeking out a new kind of growth: the human kind. Growth that addresses the needs of shareholders, consumers, colleagues and the community - all your real stakeholders. We call this Real Growth. As a leader your connection to people – customers, colleagues and society– perfectly positions you to help your business recognize the needs of all these stakeholders and create value for them.
Based on the world’s most comprehensive growth study ever to create a framework and provide actionable recommendations for aspiring growth leaders, Future Proof, co-founder of the Institute for Frank van den Driest and Associate Professor Felipe Thomaz will share the key findings of the study and explain what distinguishes an over-performing company from an under-performer. They will discuss the role of whole-brained marketing, the importance of open cultures, how to better define your business model(s) and why humanized growth works best.
Key takeaways

  • Key finds of the study including actionable recommendations for aspiring growth leaders

  • Understand the 7 building blocks of real growth

  • Learn how to optimize human utlility

  • The role of the employer brand leader in supporting real growth.


'Solving complex hiring challenges using data & insights'

Steven Ehrlich (USA), SVP, Global Client Development at TMP Worldwide

Talent attraction should not be guess work anymore. Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are amazingly powerful tools that level the playing field for companies competing for talent that is increasingly hard to find, who are often outspent by their competitors, and who face low employer brand awareness. In this presentation, Steven Z. Ehrlich from TMP Worldwide will discuss how big data is changing the way we find, target, and attract talent. 
Candidate's expectations of marketing and recruitment are changing. Talent attraction has to keep pace with the way digital communication is evolving. That means using billions of data points to understand the journey candidates go on before they apply for a job, the content they respond to, and the channels on which they want to hear from employers.
As a global leader in talent acquisition technologies, TMP Worldwide is committed to finding new ways to leverage software, strategy, and creative to enhance their clients’ employer brands – across every connection point - to ensure the right person is attracted to the right roles. From finance to pharma, retail to technology and everything in between, TMP Worldwide has played a major role in revolutionizing the way companies and candidates connect.
TMP Worldwide’s SaaS career site platform, TalentBrew, is deployed across more than 500 sites around the world. In the last three years, it’s seen more than 1 billion visits from candidates looking at close to 10 million jobs listings. Steve will give insights into how this is changing the way TMP Worldwide approaches talent attraction marketing for some of the biggest, most successful organizations in the world.
Key takeaways

  • Understanding the overall candidate journey

  • Learning where your target audience learns about you and how you can design employer brand communications that engage them and cut through the clutter

  • Determining how to use media more efficiently and effectively to reach the right audience, with the right message, on the right platform, at the right time

  • Evaluating the right success metrics and KPIs

World Employer Branding Day Expert Panel

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Brett Minchington (Australia), CEO Employer Branding College



  • Graeme Johnson (UK), Group Resourcing Director and Employer Brand at GVC Group

  • Lindsay Ross (Netherlands), Global Director of People at MessageBird 

  • Tom Chesterton (UK), Chief Executive & Founder at Tonic Agency

  • Amit Daniel (Israel), Senior Vice President Marketing & Employer Branding at Verint Cyber Intelligence

  • Nicky Clark (UK), Strategy Director at Synergy Creative

The expert panel will discuss and debate the industry's key challenges including:


  • Aligning employer branding at a business level with executive/senior management support and investment so integration, agility and sentiment across the employment lifecycle is optimized

  • The key areas employer brand leaders should focus their investments on in employer branding, the quick wins v long term focus.

  • The future of employer branding and why you need to start adapting now

Leaders will be able to ask questions directly to the panel during this interactive panel.

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'How Microsoft localizes their employer brand in regional markets'

Jasmin Pillay (South Africa), Human Resource Director, Microsoft South Africa

David Plink (Netherlands), CEO at Top Employers Institute

Microsoft is an organisation that is truly committed to creating an environment where every single person feels included and valued. A employer brand strategy can be tricky to implement locally, as it can mean different things for different countries around the world.


In this engaging presentation, Jasmin Pillay, Human Resource Director from Microsoft South Africa Microsoft will share insights on how Microsoft is focused on talent, culture and transformational leadership to create an environment for people to do their best work.


Key takeaways

  • Localization of the employer brand and EVP in regional markets – they key challenges and key learnings

  • The role of diversity in localization of the employer brand and EVP strategy

  • Engaging leadership across the organization to support employer brand objectives.


'Employer Brand Leadership View from the Top'

Charlotte Marshall (USA), Global Employer Brand Lead at Danaher Corporation

2019 Global Employer Brand Leader of the Year

Charlotte is one of the world’s most experienced and successful employer brand leaders with more than 15 years’ experience which has included building five large-scale global employer brand strategy and development projects at Fortune 500 companies. With a view to the future, Charlotte wants to change the way the world approaches employer branding to attract, engage, and retain top talent. She has co-written a new book “The Give & Get of Employer Brand” in an effort to spark this change. 

Charlotte was awarded the 2019 Global Employer Brand Leader award at World Employer Branding Day 2019 for her excellence in employer brand leadership and we have invited her to Lisbon to share detailed insights around the successes and failures of building a career in employer brand leadership during some of the most challenging times in economic history. 

In this keynote presentation, Charlotte will share ‘behind the scenes’ insights into how she has been able to influence executive leadership to support her vision with investment for employer brand strategy and how she was able to shape the business case to overcome inertia among leadership through employer brand education, results and demonstrated ROI to the business. 

Key takeaways

  • Building advocacy across functional leadership lines to support employer brand strategy and investment for long term success.

  • Branding on a budget - big and small. Charlotte has learnt how to invest wisely for maximum impact and whether you have a large budget or funding is limited, you will learn ways to strategize and invest for optimal ROI and business impact.

  • Why repelling talent is a winning employer brand strategy

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'The Give and Get of Employer Brand'

Bryan Adams (USA), CEO & Founder at Ph.Creative

Imagine having an employer brand that manages to repel the many unsuitable candidates and compel the few people you actually want to hire. Imagine an employee value proposition that had the ability to both galvanize an internal audience while polarising an external audience at the same time.

In this session Bryan Adams, CEO & Founder at Ph.Creative will explore the value of going beyond strengths benefits and opportunities to be found within an organisation and delve deeper to answer the burning questions your candidates really want you to answer.

Bryan will also explore what your existing employees want more than anything else and how once we understand more about personal purpose, impact and belonging we can nurture a positive, inclusive and productive culture we require in order to deliver success for our organisation.

Key take always:

  • How and why you should embrace the harsh realities of your employee experience

  • How to successfully repel talent that’s not right for your culture 

  • How best to re-recruit the talent you’ve got to minimize ‘regrettable loss’


'Activating your World Employer Branding Day experience to a whole new level'

Johan Driessens (Belgium), C.E.O. (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) / Founder at Branded.Careers

Johan burst on to the global stage in 2018 when he won the 2018 Global Emerging Employer Brand Leader of the Year. Ever since, Johan and his team of Branders have continued to bring a new level of energy and experience to companies through large scale branded experiences.


2020 will be no different. Be energized, inspired and mesmerized as Johan and the Branders take charge of your World Employer Branding Day experience to connect you and your global colleagues in a way that will be memorable, enjoyable and will go down as one of the highlights of your World Employer Branding Day experience.

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'What happens when great minds don’t think alike? EY’s approach to diversifying its financial services talent pool'

Farrah Ekeroth (UK), Employer Brand Lead, EMEIA Financial Services at EY

Steffen Laick (Germany), HR Director & Recruitment Leader, EMEIA Financial Services at EY

At EY Financial Services we share a single focus - to build a better financial services industry. No other sector can touch so many people or shape so many futures. That’s why we train and nurture teams to develop minds that can transform, shape and innovate financial services. Not just for today but for the future.  


We also understand that the world is becoming increasingly complex – and so are the issues we face in financial services. Now more than ever, we need a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to help us come up with innovative solutions to the challenges we face. However, there’s an assumption that you need a background in economics, business or mathematics to be successful in the world of financial services.


Learn how EY has embarked on a multi-faceted journey to challenge misconceptions about the financial services sector and diversify their talent pool across eighteen countries including the launch of their most recent employer brand campaign, Bring yourself, not just your subject. They will share their approach to collaborating across borders and embedding employer brand into every aspect of the employee experience. 

Key takeaways:

  • Differentiating your employer brand in a crowded market characterized by newer, nimbler competitors to attract candidates with new skillsets and experiences  

  • Moving beyond the one-off marketing campaign to developing a long-term program of change that will attract, engage and retain top talent in the changing world of work

  • Creating and deploying an employer branding campaign into local markets that embraces both the global brand and unique appeal of the local market  

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'The 5 key principles of creating successful Employer Brand experiences!'

Simon Phillips (UK), Executive Vice President, Managing Director - Europe 

Data-driven. Holistic. Creative. Symphony Talent are constantly defining the talent experience – delivering award-winning, world-class experiences for candidates, employees and employers.
In this session, drawing on their experience working in partnership with a number of global clients Simon Phillips, Symphony Talent's European Managing Director, will share and discuss 5 key principles that you can follow to create positive Employer Brand Experiences whether you're developing your EVP, launching a recruitment advertising campaign, a global content strategy or a new careers website. Remembering that you can't create an employer brand, it is discovered, but you can create employer brand experiences that will deliver immediate ROI. 
Key takeaways

  • Understand how to map employer brand project challenges, define teams, key roles and responsibilities, expectations, ambitions and measures of success. 

  • Conducting research and Insight as the foundation of all propositions, strategic and solution development. 

  • Developing key concepts and activating the experience across all defined journey touchpoints to deliver a unique and personalized experience.



Presentation to be updated

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'Activating your Employer Brand through your people and technology, it counts!'

Robert Peasnell (UK), Managing Director, Communications Practice at PeopleScout EMEA

Many organisations invest in employer brand strategy by developing a distinctive EVP but fail to fully activate it by building real advocacy and energy across the business or activating the brand externally to boost employer reputation. It’s time to make all the hard work count!


PeopleScout has worked with many of the world’s leading brands to develop and activate their EVP in country and/or across multiple regions.


Sharing key learnings and insights from some of their award winning projects, Robert will share practical tips on how to activate your employer brand and EVP internally and externally using multiple channels and platforms to consistently boost the visibility of the brand to connect with the key talent audiences.


Key takeaways:


  • The story, key learnings, business impact and ROI behind AA, the Winner of ‘Best Employer Brand’ at the 2019 Recruitment Marketing Awards,

  • Learn how to use experiential events to bring the EVP story to life and seamlessly take the brand from attraction into candidate experience.

  • Based on more than 25 years’ experience in employer branding, the 3 critical areas you must get right to build a world class employer brand.


'Smart candidate targeting at Philips using micro influencers'

Marije van der Togt (Netherlands), Employer Brand lead EMEA at Philips

In 2018, the Philips Employer brand team established a pilot program using an influencer in the US market for tech careers. Since that successful start, Philips have expanded this strategic approach into campuses across EMEA. As the EMEA market is geographically dispersed and at times, complex, the use of micro influencers per market and focus area has proven successful.  Philips have experienced 100% positive sentiment, high engagement rates and have successfully connected and communicated with an audience who previously had low awareness of Philips' employer brand. Through the eyes of students, entrepreneurs and tech lovers, talent that Philips were trying to reach were genuinely surprised and interested in Philips' employment offering.



Key takeaways:

  • The key focus areas to best leverage the impact micro influencers have in local markets

  • How to build your employer brand communications around authenticity to optimize interaction with your target audience 

  • How to build an employer brand engagement strategy across influencer channels using retargeting to drive brand engagement


'Bringing local brands and organizations closer together under a global umbrella'

Maj Britt Andersen (Denmark), CHRO at Carlsberg Group

Maj Britt Andersen is CHRO of Carlsberg Group. Established in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen, Carlsberg Group is among the leading brewers in the world with a portfolio of much-loved local and international beer brands. More than 42,000 people work for the Carlsberg Group across Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.
In March 2016, Carlsberg Group embarked on a new journey and launched SAIL’22, a seven-year strategy for the entire company. The Group’s purpose, ‘Brewing for a better today and tomorrow’ is fundamental to its strategy, which sets ambitious goals for business growth and sustainable brewing. The ambition is to become the most successful, professional and attractive brewer in the market it operates – also when it comes to current and future employees.
To enable the business to attract and retain top talent, Maj Britt in 2018 kicked off an EVP project. A project which involved the sponsorship of not only the CEO, but just as importantly more than 100 employees from across the Group: Executives, graduates, warehouse employees, marketers, brewers and others helped to create the final EVP. The core positioning – ‘Local heart, global strength’ – reflects the passion and pride people have in the local brands, and the opportunities they enjoy as part of a global Group. 
Maj Britt’s position of strategic importance as CHRO gave the EVP credibility, and brought senior stakeholders on board from the very beginning. This had a ‘ripple effect’, making it easy for the Carlsberg project team to encourage people to get involved. Maj Britt’s strong relationships at the senior level, combined with her deep understanding of the Carlsberg Group business, led to an employer brand concept that resonates with employees around the world. On launch day, people from Denmark to India, and points in between, celebrated the new employer brand!
With more than 25 years of international experience, Maj Britt has worked in both the private and public sector with companies such as SAP, Accenture, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, NCC, TDC, Tryg Baltica, Danish Railways and Unilever-Bestfoods.
Key takeaways

  • Influence senior leader's mindset to support investment in employer branding

  • Bringing local brands and organizations closer together under a global umbrella 

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The next era of employer branding 

Brett Minchington (Australia), Chairman/CEO Employer Brand International & Employer Branding College

Employer branding is evolving from an era of 'WHY do we need it?' to 'HOW do we do it?' Leaders around the world are shifting their focus towards 2025, an era where companies will be more people focused and the successful companies will be those that can deliver great people experiences at scale by integrating the right level of technology and human solutions.

Key takeaways

  • Gain latest global research insights from key market segments on what employer brand strategies are working and what should strategies should be avoided.

  • Understand the key competencies you need to build in your ecosystem to stay ahead of your competition.

  • Learn solutions to adapt for the future of employer branding, where should leaders focus their time, resources and investments.



 Announcement of the

KANTAR (Global Leader) &

DECO PROTESTE (Emerging Leader) 

Employer Brand Leaders of the Year

These awards now in their fourth year recognizes and supports experienced and emerging employer brand leaders.