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  • Andrea Fielding

A long-term partnership to advance employer branding practice

In late 2015 World Employer Branding Day was founded by Brett Minchington, chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International. For the previous 10 years Brett had been travelling the world conducting employer branding events and conducting global research with agency partners such as PeopleMatters, the leading employer branding agency in Spain. Headquarted in Madrid, PeopleMatters hosted one of the first employer branding events in 2011 and again in 2012 and 2013 in partnership with Employer Brand International. During these early employer branding events leading brands such as IBM and Adidas also presented which inspired local leaders to take action.

So when Brett founded World Employer Branding Day in 2015, one of the first people he approached with his vision to bring the world of employer branding together were PeopleMatters executives, Miriam Aguado and Alfonso Jiménez PhD. World Employer Branding Day 2020 will be the 5th year Peoplematters has been a Country Partner for Spain which has seen employer branding developed significantly in Spain during this time under the leadership of the team at PeopleMatters.

Minchington said, "It is through the trust and support of Partners such as PeopleMatters which has been behind the success of World Employer Branding Day. Their team has built a strong local employer branding community in Spain and it’s getting bigger every year."

In 2009 Miriam and Alfonso co-authored the first employer branding book in Spanish, “Employer Branding - La gestión de las marcas para atraer y retener el talento,” and in 2017 followed up with the best seller, “Empresas que dejan huella.” A Spanish version of the book can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE>>

To this day, PeopleMatters continue to inspire leaders in Spain and abroad to build better workplaces and employer brands.

Miriam said, “Our partnership with Brett and EBI has proven to be a great collaboration over the years, as we feel we have contributed to building the international Employer Branding community. What used to be taken as "a good idea" has now become critical for companies all over the world and now, PeopleMatters helps clients in all industries and locations create and make the most of their Employer Brand. The EBI global network complements our local capabilities and helps us keep up to speed on the latest trends. We are thrilled to join the 2020 World Employer Branding Day and are working on putting together another fun delegation of Spanish companies.”

Brett Minchington with Miriam Aguado and Alfonso Jiménez from Peoplematters in 2011.

Meet the team from PeopleMatters at World Employer Branding Day 13-15 May 2020 | Lisbon

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