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  • Andrea Fielding

Report: The AI and Employer Brand Showdown 2024

World Employer Branding Day 2024 is proud to Partner with more than 40 industry leaders from around the world including the team at Seenit who you will meet in Amsterdam when 800 leaders from around the world come together in-person from 9-11 October 2024.

Below are details about the release of their The AI and Employer Brand report including a link to download the full report.

by Ian Merrington, Chief Technology Officer, Seenit

We are now firmly in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Over the last year, websites like ChatGPT and Midjourney became a recurring talking point, whether with colleagues, on social media, and certainly around my table with friends and family. Within businesses too, AI is now used on nearly a daily basis as its abilities grow.

Of course, AI technology isn’t entirely new having been around as a concept since the inception of modern computing in the 1950s. The early 00s brought AI from the theoretical and academic world, with cloud providers such as Google and IBM bringing the power of AI to smaller businesses. But, the recent global AI boom, mainly fuelled by new Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have brought more awareness to what’s possible, regardless of what you want to do.

Lately, AI’s seemingly human-like help with ideation, content creation and mimicking other people’s styles have provided a resource to many teams when budgets are tight and workloads mount up. But with this, the question of AI’s impact on the workforce, and the copyright challenges of content produced using AI has been raised because of what AI tools are producing.

Other concerns around authenticity have been voiced, too. Fear of generic mass production, stereotyping, and the lack of nuance in storytelling – which is essentially, the loss of the human touch and emotional connection – are leading to new approaches on how AI can be used and deployed.

To help get a holistic view on authenticity and AI within Employer Brand, we’ve spoken to industry experts and thought leaders in the space. Our findings have been supported by our survey, bringing together knowledge, experiences and thoughts from more Employer Branding professionals.

As the tech evolves and becomes more commonplace, we want it to help not hinder output and to amplify voices, not dull them. So, whether you’re wanting to increase AI use in your Employer Brand or you’re just starting out with it, this report will give you some thoughts and ideas on balancing it with authenticity.

Meet the Seenit Team at World Employer Branding Day 2024

To learn more about Seenit please visit their website below.


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