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  • Andrea Fielding

Introducing Branded.Careers Belgium Country Partner

Companies are talking about a kick ass Employer Branding Agency.

Word says they’re experts in converting your Employer Brand in authentic, crackerjack videos!

It’s even said those enthusiastic experts communicate your real company values to the rest of the world and the myth goes that, in doing so, retention in companies is off the charts!

The myth started in Antwerp, Belgium, but the entire world is now getting to know Branded.Careers. High pace professionals eager to change the way recruiters recruit and companies hire.

Room for improvement means a playground for Branded.Careers, and gosh darn they’re playing a good game so far!

How many companies do you know who make people smile on Monday morning?

It’s LITERALLY what Branded.Careers does!

Check their Facebook page for bullet proof proof. – MIC DROP –

Meet Johan Driessens, CEO (in his case it stands for Chief Enthusiasm Officer) founder of Branded.Careers and at World Employer Branding Day 25-27 April 2018 | Prague when he delivers an inspirational keynote address that will change the way you think about work.

The ninth element of employer branding: “FUN”!

We all know you don’t attract top talent with salary nor with a boring vacancy. We all know employee experience should be top priority for any company in the world. We all know we spend more than 90.000 hours in our work environment.

Well…it better be fun then! Most companies don’t see fun as a perk. But fun is a basic ingredient of Job Happiness, which truly attracts and retains top talent. Get inspired during this keynote by Johan Driessens, CEO (in his case it stands for Chief Enthusiasm Officer), founder of Branded.Careers and

Not only will he provide you with insights on the most attractive element for employer branding in the world, he will also energize you and show you some asstitude.

You will understand why he makes thousands of people smile on Monday morning. During this journey, Johan will guide you through:

  • Discovering the ultimate icebreaker everybody who recruits needs to know

  • Creating happy profit. The ROI of job happiness

  • Rule n°5: the only rule a top employer needs to have

  • Enthusiasm as a superpower to attract top talent.

  • 3 take-aways to organize fun.

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