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  • Tom Chesterton and Mark Horley

Employer branding trends and themes 2018

We caught up with the founders of Tonic in January and asked them to gaze into the crystal ball of potential in what are the key trends and themes that will be driving investment in employer branding.

Whilst you will get to meet them when they present with their client AXA at World Employer Branding Day 25-27 April 2018 | Prague, there is a list of Tonic's Top Ten Trends for 2018:

  1. Influencer Marketing. 3rd party endorsement continues to outperform any employers marketing-message-push.

  2. Virtual, mixed and augmented reality will come of age. Closed-off VR experiences will give-way to the blended experience that MR & AR deliver

  3. Voice. Alexa, Siri, Google. Used for recruiting and brand building right now. Alexa, find me a job with...

  4. Inbound recruitment and predictive scoring. A marketing flip that drives accurate and predictive recruitment funnel build.

  5. Hyper-personalisation. Power to the person. Employer branding needs to be peer-to-peer.

  6. Digital integrates with experience. One candidate experience across platforms and across time. Dysfunctional and disjointed doesn't work.

  7. Employer reputation & trust. The fundamental building blocks of employer brand. If you don't build both - you lose.

  8. Quant marketing. Use the microdata you have to make the best decisions about how to activate your EB.

  9. Conversation. Facebook's algorithmic update has already shifted emphasis. Short-form telling loses out to long-form discussion. You must add value and engage or disappear from the newsfeed. Passivity or click-baiting will mark you down.

  10. Employee experience. Employer branding from cradle to grave - or from first engagement to alumni network. Real ROI.

Of course, if you’re reading this after December 2018 you’ll have the power of perspective. Once

you've stopped laughing, you'll have the perfect reason to contact us to let us know how

wrong we were. It’ll be good to chat.

We'll be thinking about 2019.

Meet Tom Chesterton, Managing Director & Founder at Tonic Agency at World Employer Branding Day 25-27 April 2018 when he presents with Hannah West, Global Head of Employer Brand and Attraction at AXA in a joint presentation: "Managing the employer brand strategy through a global transformation!"

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