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  • Andrea Fielding

A seamless experience

The article below is the full version from the case study published in the World Employer Branding Day 2018 e-book where we asked industry experts from leading employer branding vendors around the world the following question,"What is your #1 piece of advice for companies to leverage technology to build a world class employer brand towards 2020?"

A strong employer brand is all about a seamless experience for anyone who comes into contact with that brand, and investing in and leveraging technology in the right way is key to that strategy. All too often we look to buy that amazing product we have been longing for, only to find that we cannot do so via our mobile device because the website is not mobile enabled or we call a customer services helpline only to be told that the system is not showing the right customer information. Those experiences leave us feeling frustrated and negative towards that brand – the technology we invest in and how we identify the best possible experience for the right touchpoints is key – we also need to understand the implications of not doing so.

Prioritising investment and deploying appropriate technology can make or break a brand and with the rapid technological advancements we see across industry this is not easy to do, particularly as technology is embedded in everything we do. At Accenture we work with technology to improve the way we and our clients live, work, and experience the world. We can now do things far faster and far more efficiently with the right technology in place. On an individual level the right use of technology helps us manage more tasks in less time; manage home and work commitments and to keep connected wherever we are in the world.

This is all part of a larger global transformation – a shift beyond digital into an era where technology is built into every single interaction. If we apply this principle to employer brand what we need to be looking for is maximising every user experience; understanding what platforms are best in class to do that job and how these interface to provide a seamless experience from Candidate to Employee to Alumni as well as understanding how we can integrate AI and Machine Learning in innovative ways to create a new wave of employment. Shifting workforces to new growth models and developing new skills for people to do more valuable work.

At Accenture we have recently released research which highlights emerging trends around the impacts of Technology:

  • Technology Vision for 2018 – Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed highlights five emerging trends shaping the way technology is increasing businesses’ impact across society.

  • 2018 Fjord Trends looks at what’s just around the corner—as an individual, an employee, an organization or a consumer—and how the emerging changes will impact business and society in the year to come. This is a fascinating era for all of us with even the near future offering up incredible change across all aspects of life.

Meet ​Emma Tolhurst, European Employer Brand Lead at Accenture at World Employer Branding Day 25-27 April 2018 when she presents with Steve Ehrlich (UK), Senior Vice President at TMP Worldwide​ in a joint presentation on 'The Art & Science of Talent Attraction' at Accenture

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