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  • Andrea Fielding

Employer Brand Architecture in practice

In early 2018, Brett Minchington, Chairman/CEO at Employer Brand International developed the ‘Employer Brand Architecture Model’ to provide a new way for leaders to strategize how they differentiate their customer experience through their people by aligning the employer brand with the corporate plan.

The key elements of the Employer Brand Architecture are detailed in the figure below.

Figure 1: Employer Brand Architecture Model (click to download pdf)

As part of the assessment for their Level 1 Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership from Employer Branding College, leaders are set the task to apply the model to their company.

Figure 2 provides a recent example of how the Employer Brand Leader at Nmbrs applied the model to her company. The Model establishes a framework to guide employer branding implementation, communication and measurement initiatives at Nmbrs. The model can also be used as a training tool for leaders across all functions to understand how employer branding can be implemented at a business function level and the key actions required to align the employer brand with the organisational strategy.

Figure 2: Employer Brand Architecture at Nmbrs (click to download pdf)

About the author

Brett Minchington is the chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International and will be delivering the closing address at World Employer Branding Day 15-17 May 2019 | Lisbon.

In his presentation Brett will share his opinion on the current status of employer branding around the world, the key trends, the global ecosystem and the roadmap ahead towards 2025.

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