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  • Brett Minchington

Employer Brand Excellence-A Case Study Approach

I am very pleased to announce I will be launching the 4th and final edition of "Employer Brand Excellence-A Case Study Approach," at World Employer Branding Day in Lisbon on 16 May.

What began as a journey in 2016 to discover employer branding best practice from around the world, has culminated in 100 case studies being compiled for leaders of all levels and industries to learn from and be inspired to take action in their own company.

The 4th edition will include 28 best practice case studies from global brands including IKEA, Accenture, Pepsico, Indeed and Citi.

The e-book provides detailed insights on key areas such as employer brand strategy development, EVP development, employer brand positioning, employer brand communications strategy, how to measure ROI of your strategy, employer brand content marketing, social media, technology and the future of employer branding. Leaders at all levels will be inspired by the practical insights shared as each company navigated their way through the complexities of their employer brand strategy. Each case study details the journey each company took to build their employer brand including key objectives, the process and methodology, challenges, key achievements, the business impact, metrics and key learnings.

The IKEA case study, a standout from leading Swedish agency, Coreworkers showcases the mission to come up with a creative solution which could create employee engagement around the Talent Approach. IKEA specifically asked that the solution would make the Talent Approach come to life both globally and locally, and make people live its essence in their daily work life. In addition, the structure had to be scalable and adaptable to local needs and initiatives.

Coreworkers is a Swedish partner of OneAgent, a leading global network of like-minded and aligned employer branding agencies who span every continent and who will come together in Lisbon for World Employer Branding Day 15-17 May 2019.

All delegates attending World Employer Branding Day 2019 will receive a complimentary copy of "Employer Brand Excellence-A Case Study Approach IV," and the publication will be available for purchase in late May from the Employer Brand International bookstore.

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