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  • Michelle Abbey

Candidate Relationship Management: Solving for Recruiter Productivity Challenges

The article below is from World Employer Branding Day Platinum Partner, TMP Worldwide who you will meet when they present at the International Employer Branding Summit at World Employer Branding Day 13-15 May 2020 | Lisbon. The original article can be found by clicking here>

With TMP Worldwide’s continued commitment to evolving our software platform to meet the needs of our clients, today we announced the latest release in our suite of products: TalentBrew CRM.

The new CRM provides a central access point for recruitment, candidate management and communications efforts, leveraging target audiences and profiles across multiple strategies and systems. As with any new product, we approached CRM with the objective of solving market problems. These fell into four categories, each with its own unique challenges. Here’s an overview of the approach we took:

Challenge #1: Career sites and CRM aren’t integrated effectively We want to give our clients one touchpoint for targeted messaging, audience building, strategy and metrics. CRM takes behavioral data from TalentBrew career sites and uses it to build audience lists and can pair that data with our programmatic offerings to be used across the platform to develop and execute media and hiring plan strategies. Our unified platform also serves to ensure consistent and professionally branded messaging and personalization at all touch points.

Challenge #2: Candidate communication isn’t up to par In a digital environment, people have preferred means of communication – phone, email and text – that vary on their circumstances and demographics. And they also have different preferences for consuming information. The challenge is how to get them the information they want, how and when they want it. Here’s where machine learning comes into play. Personalization triggers shared with the career site can ensure hyper-targeted messaging, while retargeting strategies make sure your brand stays top of mind with prospects when they leave the site. In the case of CRM, this enables recruiters to leverage multiple communication channels including email and SMS, while providing the ability to remarket to candidates via web display ads. It’s easy to deploy professional, effective drip campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions.

Challenge #3: The need for speed: identifying, matching and prioritizing multiple candidates quickly The CRM automates the time-consuming, complex process of acquiring, building and identifying candidate profiles. It integrates with the ATS to import candidates for rediscovery and lets recruiters build passive candidate profiles based on career site behavior. CRM makes it easier to collect candidate information prior to full application submission, allowing customizable job-matching technology to bring the best candidates to the top and suggesting jobs to which they may not have specifically applied.

Challenge #4: Recruiters must become more productive Without the right tools, it’s more arduous than ever for recruiters to keep up with demand. CRM addresses this challenge in a variety of ways. From the moment a recruiter logs in, they are served with a variety of information about their jobs, including matched candidates, job engagement, application activity and more. Recruiters can also manage audiences and candidates in one place, and utilize self-service tools to build target audiences, create email campaigns, and adjust matched weighting parameters to better represent the needs of the specific requisition. CRM makes it seamless to send candidate profiles to the hiring manager while shared notes and communication histories make it easier for hiring teams to communicate and collaborate.

Fully integrated into TMP’s unified TalentBrew platform, CRM gives candidates branded, accessible, and personalized experiences while collecting both implicit and explicit candidate information that can be leveraged for talent pools and communications. TMP’s commitment is to be the best talent acquisition solution for the world’s largest employers, while providing a unified platform for recruiters and elevating the candidate experience. This introduction of TalentBrew CRM is another articulation of that vision.

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