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  • Andrea Fielding

Employer brand leadership during times of uncertainty

In early April 2020 Brett Minchington, Founder Employer Branding College and Heather Polivka, CEO, HeatherP Solutions met up online to discuss how employer brand leaders can show up during today’s environment of change, uncertainty and transformation.

Some of the areas Brett and Heather discussed include:

  • Showing up as a resource for executive leaders and being a connection point, listening post, a mirror to the organisation and showing up aligned with who we say we are.

  • Tips for leaders and agencies on how to manage their employer brand during these times and how to show up as a valued partner.

  • Shifting your focus to engagement, experience and personalization.

  • Driving your brand ROI and employee engagement to drive customer satisfaction and business objectives.

  • Where to focus your employer branding budget over the coming months.

  • Now is a time for empathy and to be really close to your people especially those managing large remote teams.

  • The value of research, data and an ongoing listening strategy.

  • Authenticity and transparency are critical right now especially when difficult decisions are being made.

To watch the full discussion click below


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