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  • Andrea Fielding

Employer branding, same but different

Brett Minchington, Founder, Employer Branding College recently moderated an expert panel of World Employer Branding Day Industry Partners including:

The aim of the panel was to bring together International leaders from different countries/regions to provide a perspective on how employer branding is evolving around the world on key industry themes including employer brand strategy, communications, AI and future trends.

Discover the key takeaways from the panel in the videos below.

How employer branding is evolving around the world

Generative AI & employer branding

Communications in employer branding

The near future of employer branding

Join us in Amsterdam to continue discussions with the panellists and learn more about where the employer branding industry is headed with case presentations from many of the world's leading brands including: Siemens, ASML, TikTok, Amazon,, Activision Blizzard, EY, Employer Branding College, The Lego Group, SMRS, Haleon, Havas People, Radancy, LIDL, EveryoneSocial, Indeed, Papirfly, TheTruthWorks, Kaufland, Penna, Seenit, Cliquify, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Sept24 and more.

For registration information please click below


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