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  • Andrea Fielding

New world. New thinking. New social media solutions

by Paul Harrison and Jared Pritz

The original version of the article below from World Employer Branding Day Platinum Partner, TMP Worldwide can be found on their website by clicking here>>

Today’s landscape is just the latest accelerant of digital transformation. Future work projects scheduled to take three years are happening in just three months. Social media, already the dominant news source for most of the world, has seen an unprecedented increase in growth. In fact, many of us are scrolling through more than two kilometers of social media feeds every single day.

Today’s attention economy demands that employers:

  1. Adopt bold new strategies. Brands need to embrace new social channels, new thinking, new influencers and new advocates. They need to adopt unified, dynamic candidate experiences and develop sophisticated, optimized talent journeys.

  2. Develop “thumb-stopping” content – and pay to play. Templated, generic social content is not good enough anymore. Organizations must adopt new formats and enable true storytelling to achieve business-critical key talent audiences. Paying to play means using hyper-targeted social spend to intelligently target and engage employers, candidates and influencer audiences. And that content needs to be promoted – not just some of the time, but all of the time.

  3. Foster deeper levels of engagement. Social monologues don’t resonate in a world that’s demanding human connection. Social strategies need to engender the dialogues that fuse true engagement and help establish solid rapport with audiences by the time they reach the career site.

TMP has launched a powerful suite of new content and social strategy solutions designed for the way the world connects today. From in-depth social audits, insightful and innovative strategy design and managed services to bespoke fully integrated data-informed technology that automates and optimizes your talent acquisition strategy, message and execution, they'll help you connect with the people that matter to you.

TMP are committed to delivering talent acquisition results for their clients. Their unified platform intelligently connects you with the right talent across their entire journey.

To learn more about TMP's services we invite you to visit their website at


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