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  • Andrea Fielding

What’s new on Glassdoor?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Glassdoor – our World Employer Branding Day Platinum Partner and the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies– recently unveiled new community features that enable users to connect authentically and anonymously with professionals at their company, industry and beyond.

Since launching 15 years ago, Glassdoor has increased transparency in the workplace through

millions of ratings, reviews, salaries and insights. The company is furthering its vision of bringing

radical transparency to workplaces everywhere by debuting a new Glassdoor app and desktop

experience that lets users seamlessly toggle between insights, jobs and workplace conversations for real-time networking, advice and connection on a variety of topics where work and life intersect.

The cornerstone of the new Glassdoor are communities, called ‘Bowls’, that allow users to join in conversations with other professionals on a wide range of topics, from Industry Bowls™ like tech or consulting to Interest Bowls™ like ‘Working Moms,’ ‘‘Black in Tech,’ and ‘Overheard at Work.’ There are also exclusive Company Bowls™ where employees can engage with coworkers and leaders at their company. With varying levels of anonymity, users have the option to post or comment with either their full identity, as an employee at their company, or with just their job title.

The Case for Community: The New Glassdoor

Taylor Meadows, Glassdoor’s Head Strategist for Employer Brand & Employee Voice, recently hosted a webinar to explain the features of the New Glassdoor, the new communities features and a Q&A based on common questions from clients since The New Glassdoor public launch in July. Taylor will be speaking on the main stage with Danny Stacy, Senior Manager, Talent Intelligence, Indeed at the World Employer Branding Day Summit on the topic,”Building a Path to Work Wellbeing: It starts with Community.”

During the webinar, Taylor highlighted how workplace loneliness and burnout have impacted our

ability to connect, making community building essential to professional engagement. This led us to a conversation about how Community has the power to impact all parts of the employee lifecycle, with stronger connections in the workplace driving a stronger employee experience and employer brand.

Watch Taylor’s insightful webinar recording below.

Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer said, “This next evolution of Glassdoor will fundamentally change the way professionals ask questions and get answers, share knowledge and opinions, and build community with one another. By expanding our core offering of reviews and ratings to include engaging real-time conversations, Glassdoor can unlock even deeper insights for companies that help them express their employer brand and make more informed decisions for their employee experience.”

Watch his introduction of the New Glassdoor here:


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