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  • Andrea Fielding

World of Work Trends for 2022

World Employer Branding Day 2022 International Platinum Partner, Top Employers Institute presents the latest trends in people strategies and practices emerging from leading organisations across the world. Now in its fifth edition, the annual World of Work Trends Report 2022 (previously the HR Trends Report) gives business leaders a broader insight into how global developments will impact their workforces in the year ahead.

Only a year ago, the research reflected the turbulence of a working world reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this year's World of Work Trends Report 2022, you see how these challenges have evolved and the emergence of new trends for the future.

Top Employers Institute's latest research, conducted among 1,857 Certified Top Employer organisations worldwide, shows that the number one priority in 2022 for HR organisations will be to support organisational and cultural change.

This will present a major strategic opportunity for HR to shine, although there will also be many new challenges to overcome in a business environment still enveloped in pandemic-related uncertainties.

The latest data from Top Employers globally shows three major ways the need for change at scale and pace will take shape for organisations. At the root of all three, businesses will find the emerging power of the employee as an increasingly influential stakeholder in high-performing organisations.

These organisations will need to:

1. Unleash the power of the "Involved" employee

In 2022, employers will need to make themselves highly attractive to the top talent they require for rapid change. They need to understand that it will not be enough for employees to be "engaged" with their work – the latter will need to feel deeply involved and immersed in designing the way they work, to deliver the outcomes that change will demand. And talented employees will also want to become involved strategically, including decision-making in areas previously reserved for leaders – and beyond the confines of a narrow job description.

2. Deliver people agility through "Digit-ability"

The short-term adoption of new digital systems and technologies as a necessary response to the pandemic has come to an end. In 2022, this will be superseded by a longer-term look at how the potential of digital HR can transform the way we work together. At their best, these new technologies will drive a deeper level of integration within teams and a dramatic shift in employees' overall experience.

3. Taming the "Wild West" of Work

There has already been a wholesale redesign of the working environment, including the mass relocation of employees through either home, remote, or hybrid working arrangements. However, 2022 will see a whole new set of challenges around how to harness the potential of these new frontiers of work while understanding and limiting the risks and the new pain points they will bring.

The most successful organisations in 2022 will create a working environment in which employees are deeply involved in the design of almost everything the organisation does, where people agility enabled by technology is a given, with the freedoms created by new working environments balanced by new safeguards. These are the workplace trends that will deliver a truly better world of work.

How can your organisation participate in the Top Employers Institute Certification Programme?

Top Employers Institute's Certification Programme is an objective, fact-based, and independently audited process that examines HR policies and people practices. Your organisation must first meet a set of minimum qualifying criteria. Participation does not, in any way, guarantee certification as an outcome. We remain committed to the integrity of the Top Employers Certification methodology, which has been developed over the past three decades by leading international HR experts and is a testament to improving the world of work across the globe.


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