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  • Andrea Fielding

How Amazon uses Seenit to bring their EVP to life

click to watch video below on Seenit's website

World Employer Branding Day 2023 is proud to Partner with more than 40 industry leaders from around the world including the team at Seenit who you will meet in Amsterdam when 700 leaders from around the world come together in-person from 18-20 October 2023.

The following case study from Seenit provides some great insights about the power and impact of using video for employees to share more authentic stories and to build trust with their audiences.

Meet Amazon

Amazon needs little introduction. They are now the world’s largest company by employees and the fifth largest by market capitalisation.

Seenit was brought into Amazon in 2018 by Amazon’s Employer Brand team in the Retail division. The main goal of Seenit was to produce videos captured by their employees to build trust with their audiences and tell more authentic stories.

The challenge

The State of Employer Brand is evolving. Companies’ employer brand has never been more visible to future and existing employees. Amazon’s Employer Brand and Recruitment teams have the added challenge of being the fastest growing team in the world. They need to hire at volume while also crucially competing against the likes of Apple and Google for the best talent in the tech space. On top of this, Amazon needed to increase trust with the brand and demonstrate their commitments to diversity and inclusion and climate change to appeal to younger generations of talent.

The solution

Amazon has been using Seenit since 2018. They use the platform to co-create video content with their most engaged employees, giving their employees the platform to share their experiences and stories. They’re able to provide a more authentic look into what it’s really like working at one of the world’s fastest-growing businesses.

These stories highlight the career opportunities and the critical areas of Amazon’s employer value proposition (EVP). They also showcase the company’s commitment to social good and the opportunities they provide their employees to find purpose in their work.

The result

Since partnering with Seenit, Amazon has seen increased engagement with their Employer Brand campaigns across the board. ‘Business as usual is very much about empowering employees – helping people to tell their story and share their experiences’, explains Matt Sharp in a webinar with Seenit.

In 2019 Amazon released the video, ‘Brand Specialists, what do they do?’ which aimed to raise awareness of the Brand Specialist role and fill 300 open positions.

The video was embedded throughout the candidate journey, from the careers page, social channels and used as an advertising tool. It has been watched over 45,000 times on their careers landing page and took their click-through rate on the jobs page up by a factor of 2x. They even won a coveted Seenit award for the video.

Not only this, but Amazon has scaled content creation across seven Employer Brand teams and has collected nearly 4,000 uploads from 500 employees across 25 countries. They’ve produced upwards of 100 videos with the Seenit platform. Check out more from Amazon below!


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